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Dual Panel Wall System

  • Hides your wiring!
  • Quick and easy assembly saving you time and money!
  • Never needs painting!
  • No dents and dings!
  • No fading from UV light!

Modular Tanning Rooms, Display Shelving, and More for Salons in Atlanta & Other U.S. Cities

Whether you are a long-time tanning salon owner or just starting out, modular tanning rooms from Artisan Salon Interiors are an excellent investment. Our modular tan rooms are constructed out of 3/4-inch recycled melamine, a lightweight yet highly durable material that does not easily scratch, dent, or fade in color. Each wall panel is built to a width of two feet and stud-mounted for stability and safety. Because there is a 3-inch gap between the front and back and panels, you will be able to hide unsightly wiring and flush-mount items such as flat screen TVs, speakers, timers, and lotion dispensers. Best of all, Artisan Salon Interiors builds each of its modular tanning rooms from the ground-up in our company’s very own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Atlanta, Georgia.

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